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Love's Theme

About love
The ultimate relationship between two worlds.
Different worlds, which through attraction have a reason for individual existence but… and coexistence.
Attraction means journey… It means change.
The transition with daring, so that another life may be born.
The destination towards… love.



A love always special.
A love always strong.
Without love, you don’t live,
You don’t pass through the gates,
nor those peaks you seek…
but without love, you never fight.



It takes love to make the company fruitful.
love is needed to make work pay – work.
It takes love to make a friendship last.
He wants love, to receive light, all creation.



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The action of each person is not judged by what someone forces him to do, but by what he does in his free time.


Managing our loneliness is our pure value.


Isolation…loneliness… always work revealingly,


either we chose it ourselves, or it arose.


And we are always called to fight a strong battle to stand up and remain unchanged.A battle against the strongest temptations, which find the right opportunity to break through the half-open door of our soul.

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Sense Of Reality

I know…..It’s hard for a dreamer to learn to keep his feet on the ground and not fly in the clouds.

Be realistic.

Although many times it is not our imagination that is affected,

but the absolute awareness of reality.

As, in order to fly high you must first clear the ground by pushing it hard.

It’s not the view that makes us want to leave.

It is not the denial of contact with every earthly element.

Neither is the reality that differs from place to place.

Is reality deliberately changed from person to person… or is it the person who changes it?

After all, our senses define any reality and the senses are the ones that differ.

Even if they think we’re crazy…

At least, even though we fly in the clouds far away, we know exactly where we will land again.

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Dream breakout

Our whole life

built from dreams.

The everyday, the small – the big, the unique.

The dream. 

Life’s greatest means of travel, made of the most durable material.

The thought.

But something is missing for the dream to move.

The power source. The toughest… The most relentless…


That’s why he believed in the dream.

In every dream. 

It’s not worth keeping it locked.

Your desires have more power than those who keep them imprisoned.

A battle against the strongest temptations, which find the right opportunity to break through the half-open door of our soul

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How many times haven’t we heard about characters that don’t fit.

For “character mismatches”

Between lovers – between relatives – between friends…

Disagreements between children and adults – teachers and students – poor and rich – believers and non-believers…..

I don’t know if our characters disagree, but definitely these characters that we play out there…they don’t have that much character.


One could say that after a few years of our birth, we get a script in our hands and even by random choice.

Where did those elements really go that contributed to our first material and mental existence…?

Again I wonder..

Do I remember all the mistakes of the past?

And what makes me want to look into the past since nothing about my character reminds him anymore.Are the mistakes that ultimately have to be made, the ones that make me look back?

About Me

Dimitris Chatzigiakoumidis

My name is Dimitris Chatzigiakoumidis, born in Athens in 1981

I am a musician-composer. Music occupied me since my childhood as a performer, but also as a creator.

I entered the field of so-called classical music by reaching the level of soloist in classical guitar, according to my degrees and diplomas.

At the same time, all these years, I was just as seriously occupied with other kinds of music, from different points of view, besides classical (symphonic – European) music.

After spending some years playing professionally and as an amateur, while also being a  music teacher, I ended up creating. Something that has always “tortured” me, now making the decision to take this matter more seriously, leaving everything else behind

Music on guitar
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